Relief for aching knees and why surgical intervention should not necessarily be your first choice

My personal account of my own aching knees and what I did for them.

No scalpels involved.   YET!!

I’ve been living with a sore left knee now for about 3 months. I don’t recall an injury.   It popped up quickly and with sharp twingy pain.   It worsens when I sit at the computer for a while and at night when trying to sleep.   I can walk and do my yoga – so go figure??

knees sore2

When I started my yoga practice a number of years ago, I entered my first class with a sore swollen right knee, which hampered much of my practice.   An expert said to me that it’s a ‘typical midlife condition’ and that yoga would contribute to its healing. And I must say it did.   My pain and swelling went away – TOTALLY.   And it’s not returned.   So I also now know that maybe I was facing an emotional/spiritual change in my life as Louise Hay would say your knee pain is a sign of rigidity, not flexible, not moving forward.   My new yoga and meditation learnings were certainly a move into a new realm and low and behold the knee pain totally disappeared.

Now my left knee is playing up.