How to Relieve Restless Legs Syndrome Simply, Easily and with NO Medication.

What is it, Why do we experience it and How can we deal with it?

Restless Leg/s Syndrome hit me unexpectedly a few years ago and literally has driven me crazy until I came up with a way to knock it over.
Not saying it’s going to work without fail for everyone, because like a lot of midlife/menopausal symptoms, everyone’s different but it sure as heck will make a difference.
This syndrome kept me awake, seemed to only hit at night, just about destroyed my sleep and lifted my anxiety and stress levels.
Until I knocked it over!!!

So what is it?


It’s a compelling need to move, stretch or cool the legs.   It can feel like anything like a throbbing ache that centres in the knees and spreads right up to the hips, to a crawling itch, or a burning sensation or as some have described to me, a pain right deep into the bones.   It can feel like a jumpiness in the legs that can’t find comfort in or out of the covers.    It literally makes the legs incredibly restless, so therefore YOU are restless, your partner is affected and your sleep is being destroyed.    As soon as I stand up, it’s gone – that’s the weird part.  But I’ve yet to find anyone who can sleep standing up!   So I needed to find a way to deal with it.