Water Yoga is a gentle but effective form of movement performed in a pool.

Water Yoga for this season has now ceased.

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The pool is now starting to get just a little chilly, but we’ll certainly resume again later in the year. Want to be reminded about when class starts? If so, just drop me an email on annen@tpg.com.au. Tell me your name and of course your email or phone number and I’ll make sure you’re on the reminder list.

There are unlimited benefits to moving and enjoying a lymphatic massage, muscular toning and lubrication of joints from a pool. My Aqua (or Water) Yoga Classes will deliver just that.

These classes will be held in the Lavalla Centre pool. It’s big, a little dated, but fabulously private and quiet. It’s perfect and only $15. Are you self conscious in a swimsuit? No need to worry. Wear whatever you like. Yoga pants, shorts, tee shirt are all ok. Make sure you wear a hat and sunglasses and loads of sunscreen.
Call me on 0417761998 or email on annen@tpg.com.au to book and pay on the day.
Here’s what Gina had to say about her water yoga experience!!
“I recently participated in a water yoga session conducted by Anne. I had never done yoga of any kind before so I was very curious as to what to expect. The session was fun and relaxing and included more challenging elements as well as simple ones. The pool itself is a little old but well-loved, clean and perfectly acceptable. We had it all to ourselves and I felt comfortable with the privacy and location. Anne is a lovely lady who thoroughly enjoys what she does. She had us all laughing which is therapy in itself. I found the session invigorating and slightly challenging but in only good ways. Being weightless in the water is very soothing and working the muscles in the environment of resistance (but zero impact) is healthy and safe. I look forward to next summer when water yoga starts up again.”

Gina Lofaro, Brisbane

Check out my little video below in case you’d like to know more. But PLEASE NOTE, it was recorded before Christmas so we were winding down into December for Friday Classes.

Are you curious about other classes? If so, here’s my timetable. Head to the respective page if you’d like to read about my other classes.