Annette and I were having a chat just before class started. Annette has been seeing me for Stretch Therapy for about a year. When she arrived, there was only limited movement that she could do, so we were very gentle with her movements. Now Annette can do an amazing workout and her body and posture is noticeably different.   Here’s what she has to say.

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Had a wonderful yoga&meditation class last night with Anne. My back is healed – Anne’s yoga stretches really felt like giving my sore back muscles an internal massage. No pain today :):):) Thank you Anne Noonan   Denitza

Jude mentioned at the beginning of a class that her back wasn’t feeling so great. In fact, it was really bothering her and felt she needed to go gently.   By the next day she said she couldn’t believe how good it felt. Check out our short conversation here.

Rhonda knew she had to do something to start strengthening her core and feeling better. While we were prepping her for an awesome photoshoot, we had fun chatting about how she’s finding the stretch and yoga classes. We were chatting about how ’65 is the new 45′!! Rhonda travels a good 45 minutes to come to class and it’s benefiting her no end. I’m excited for her.

We need to always remember that in order to get up and down without effort, to play with grandkids and not feel like we need help up off the floor, to fit into that dress, and to look a little younger than our years, not older – takes effort. This is a long lifestyle change, not a quick pill. We need the discipline to make ourselves stretch, tone, keep our heart operating and keep weight gain away. Ageing should be about staying brilliantly energetic, keeping our ‘get up and go’, and proving to ourselves that we’re worth it.

Meredith is an author and owner of ‘Enrich Your Energy’ and has worked with me for more than a year. She has taken on the supplement program, changed her diet, worked with yoga and meditation and has noticed some significant changes. Here’s a few words from her.

Meredith’s Health Improvement from Anne Noonan on Vimeo.

My regular Yoga, Stretch Therapy and Meditation Class on a Tuesday night find that this regular Tuesday hour and a bit is treasured. They get to deeply stretch out, sometimes we even do a vigorous yoga workout to really loud music and it’s always followed by a 20 minute chillout style meditation. They love it – hear what they have to say.

Remember, they’ve just come out of a deep meditation at the time of filming and it’s the middle of winter – so they look a little ‘relaxed’. LOL

Yoga, Stretch and Meditation Class are totally chilled and happy from Anne Noonan on Vimeo.

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Anne’s Stretch Classes from Anne Noonan on Vimeo.