How Can We Roll Back Our Body’s Odometer?

Is it even possible?    You bet it is.

And we’re about to run Season Four of the

‘Roll Back Your Body’s Odometer’ 8 week program.

This time we’re concentrating on gut health.   Did you know it’s been known as our second brain?  It controls so many aspects of how we feel from day to day and you’ll learn how to keep your gut health happy and thriving so that your internal Odometer rolls back a little more every year.


When does this happen?

From Saturday the 3rd February and 8 Saturdays from that date.

Bright and early – 7.15am start!!

Here’s a short fun video from our last Odometer attendees. I think you’ll find they all want to come back.

We’ve just completed the first three blocks of Odometer Rollback throughout 2017 and it’s time to pop the next one in your diary.  Here’s what one happy ‘rollbacker’ had to say.

“To the Roll Back crew … thank you!

Now in the 7th week of the 8 week event, it has been a fun, healthy and energising way to start the weekend. With all the health tips, real life stories, yummy treats to share and yoga based movements taught, it has been an eye opener to learn so much in such a short time. You’ve also kept it smart & simple.

Knowing that being over 50, it’s not all downhill from here. We can change and move and be healthier than we were 10 years ago…! It’s reassuring and now I know – very achievable.

I’ll be signing up for the 2nd round of Roll Back Your Odometer without a doubt and recommending it to others. Here’s to the 2nd part of our lives being the best yet!”   Kirsty M from Holland Park.

Here’s a little video of another happy ‘Rollbacker’.

Here’s what Lonnie had to say

“A BIG thank you to Anne, Vicky & Annette for generously giving of their time and vast knowledge. Love the yoga which is more suited for the woman of mature age.   Love the snacks and dietary tips. It has been a fun and enlightening experience, along with sharing with other women in the group experiencing the same or similar issues as we age and that there are things we can do to “Roll back the Odometer”. I look forward to the next chapter knowing that I can and will improve my flexibility and health.

I am woman hear me “ROAR”.
See you on the 22nd.”

 Another happy ‘Rollbacker’!!!

I believe we have the potential for unlimited greatness as we age.

We become wiser, calmer, more experienced and more open minded.  We have an unrealised potential for greatness that sadly remains inside too many of us.    Our ‘8 Week Roll Back Your Body’s Odometer’ Program will help you to bring this potential forward. However as much as our potential grows, so do our physical limitations. When we’re facing that second half of life, we can start to feel things in our bodies that seemingly weren’t there only a year ago. Knees start to hurt, our metabolism can slow down, weight creeps on, adrenal fatigue becomes more pronounced, certain foods react with us, our liver starts to complain, our gut and digestion become hampered and a numerous other niggly worries become part of our every day. Emotionally it can be a time frought with worry. We can see our children leave home, our parents ageing, sometimes our spouse departs and we find ourselves at a crossroads.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We have the ability to turn back the clock, to make our bodies more agile, flexible and strong. When your body is strong, pain diminishes and when we start to feel better about ourselves and better within our own sense of wellness we can do and achieve so much more. Over 40 does not mean you’re heading into the ‘aged’ bracket. It means you’re readying yourself for an amazing stage of life.

Over 50 does not mean you’re now sliding downhill. It means your potential has now been amplified. Over 60 does not mean aches, pains and heading into ‘aged care’.   It means you can rediscover an incredible new level of wellness and awareness.  We can heal and improve our gut, blood sugar levels, fatty liver and general sense of wellness. We can boost our vitality through the roof, improve our skin, hair and nails and rocket our self esteem and confidence.

What could this mean for you?

You can now get down on the floor and back up again with ease while playing with the grandkids.

You can fit into that dress that’s been in the wardrobe forever.

You can look amazing at the special occasion that’s coming up for you.

You can attract that other half now with much more confidence.

You can keep up with the kids and your younger friends.

You can travel now without it being a worry as to whether your health will last the trip.

You can realise a whole new world of sensuality and intimacy with your partner.

You can move with ease, and do everyday things that we take for granted.

You can walk up and down a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath.

You can look in the mirror and be thrilled with what you see.

We can restyle, learn to find gear that works for us, choose the right hair style and makeup and reset and reshape our body.

We’ve done it and we can prove it and this is what we’ll help you to discover.

Here’s what Gabrielle said about the last Odometer Rollback:

How do we do this?

Come and learn from the ‘Health Triad’ of over 50 and 60’s Integrative Wellness Specialists who are walking their talk.   Anne, Vicki and Annette have all been through their own journey of recovery and transformation and are here to share their wisdom with you through a series of 8 workshops that will be fun, informative and enlightening. You’ll walk away feeling confident that your second half of life will be more fulfilled, inspiring, healthy, strong and vibrant than you ever realised.



Like the beautiful old Rolls Royce in the picture, we can help you regain that class, shape, performance and sex appeal that you once knew and

Roll Back YOUR Odometer of Life.

The ‘Roll Back Your Body’s Odometer’ 8 week program SEASON FOUR will begin on Saturday the 3rd February 2018 at 7.15am for an hour and 30 minutes and will run for 8 Saturdays from that date.  It’s a nice early start that you can still have your day to yourself. It will be held upstairs in the Central Hall of the Lavalla Centre, 58 Fernberg Road, Paddington. Don’t underestimate what value you’ll walk away with in each of those sessions. This program will be life changing so it’s worth coming to every session. You don’t want to miss out on a single little bit of it.

You’ll laugh, (proven to heal the body and nervous system)

You’ll dance yoga, (boosts vitality, improves memory, relieves stress and tension)

You’ll discover why diets don’t work and and why the health of our gut determines almost everything that happens to us.

You’ll stretch (stretching our fascia has been proven to be immensely anti ageing by returning our agility, flexibility, tone and balance. Not to mention how good it feels)

You’ll breath deeply (proven to move our nervous system from the red zone into the green zone which promotes calm and destresses the entire body)

You’ll move (crucial to life itself)

There’ll be fun, easy to do at home, short movement videos to follow along during the week

You’ll ignite your sense of play and curiosity (which has been proven to enhance the brains’ youthfulness)

You’ll learn and listen to some incredible stories of survival and transformation.

You’ll taste amazing healthy protein shakes.

You’ll connect with like minded women.

You’ll hear first hand how we’ve proven that we can Roll Back the body’s Odometer.

You’ll walk away knowing how you can realise your younger, more vibrant, immensely powerful, confident, stronger potential.

We have the technology, the product, the experience, the know how and the way to show you exactly what we’ve done. We’re all over 50 (and beyond) and we know we look better now than we did 15 years ago. Come and hear our stories and learn how YOU can roll YOUR Body Odometer back.


Meet your Odometer Roll Back Crew!!

Isn’t this just another weight loss program?

It’s soooo much more!  In this program we take into consideration the exquisite needs of the 50+ menopausal body.   Weightloss will certainly be a pleasant side effect of what you’ll gain from this program. You’ll be walking away with so much more than just weightloss.

Where and when does all this happen?

These 8 gatherings (you could call them a bootcamp, but a gentle and informative one) will commence nice and early on Saturday the 3rd of February 2018 at 7.15am sharp. At the Lavalla Centre, 58 Fernberg Road, Paddington. It’s the old Marist College with parking on the street. Come to ‘The Central Hall – you’ll see an obvious sign. Each session will be just over one hour in duration with time for private questions or discussion afterwards. You can be out the door by 8.30am so that you can get on with your day or chat for another 20 minutes as each one of us will be there for you.

Here’s what Isma had to say:

You’ll also be a part of an exclusive facebook group where we’ll share more health videos, recipes, tips, exercise videos and so much more.

How much will I be investing toward the benefit of others?

For such a hugely comprehensive program that delivers this level of value, you’d expect to pay hundreds of dollars. Not this time.

For only $49.95

either payable on the day or prepaid to ensure your spot.

Are you a previous ‘Rollbacker’?   If so, there’s a way you can come back and learn all of this new program for only $29.95.   All YOU need do is bring a full paying friend and you get your entire 8 week program for a $30 discount.

Want to join us?     Here’s what we need you to do in order to book your spot.

Call or email  on the contact below and simply give your name and email.

We’re happy to take the $49.95 payment on the day.    Bookings are essential.

Or fill out our Odometer Rollback Optin Box

Email Anne on or phone on 0417761998

If you are known to either Vicki or Annette, give them your details on either   or