I thought you might like to see a few short videos of yoga moves and delicious stretches that you can do at home.

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Here’s a short stretch routine that can be used to either wake the body up in the morning first thing OR to stretch out tension at night. Hope you enjoy.

I’ve often been asked to offer a simple 10 minute stretch that you can do as soon as you slide out of bed in the morning or even before or after a workout or a sports game. This routine is simple and can be done on the floor at home.

Here’s one that explains how to move yourself into a High Plank. Plank is great for arm definition and core activation. Actually it’s mighty brilliant all round.

Restless legs syndrome is something that is quite common amongst menopausal women. It’s that achey annoying painful feeling in the legs that keeps you awake at night. These stretches might help.

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Keep an eye out for more and let me know how you go.