7 lessons I learned to kick the midlife ‘liver roll’ and ended up looking younger

It took time, I made mistakes, I failed many times but in the end, we have to learn how to care for ourselves.

For too long we can be all about caring for everyone else, but here’s a summary of 7 ways I learned to keep on top of my health and basically to stop myself from going insane.  Like I said, it was a struggle and at times I slip back.    I love my cheesecake, chocolate and red wine but when I see the midline roll creeping out over my shiny yoga pants, then I know I need to pull my head in and get back to work.    And it takes work – I’m in my 50’s now.   It’s no walk in the park.

The relationship you have with yourself will be the most important of your life.

8 Week Journey to Total Transformation

“A woman’s relationship with her body is the most important relationship she’ll ever have. More important than husband, lover, children, friends or colleagues. This isn’t selfishness – it’s just fact,”

says health and fitness expert Diana K Roesch.


“The body is, quite literally, our vehicle for being, for giving, for loving, for moving, for feeling – and if it doesn’t work – it’s fairly certain that nothing else in our lives will work either.!”

When I heard that quoted by Diana I knew it resonated big time with me and many women around me. If we don’t keep ourselves fit, strong, healthy and keep up a good strong healthy dose of self esteem, then we’re of no use to anyone, particularly ourselves. From one end we’re bombarded with unreal magazine images that are impossible to attain and from the other we’re misled into all sorts of food and nutrition myths that lead us even further down a path of misinformation, poor health and eventually disease.

Managing the Menopausal Mindfield – yes ‘mindfield’ as well as the ‘minefield’

Actually, I should readjust that title and call it ‘Managing the MANY Menopausal Mindfields’.

Which one applies to you?   And I do mean ‘mind’ field and not the traditional ‘mine’ field.   A lot of menopausal and midlife intensity levels have a lot to do with what our mind tells us and how it can get a grip of us.   Are you dealing with many varied symptoms or have you sailed through it all and come out injury free?   This is a quick blog post that I hope can steer you to some serious info that you’ll find helpful.   I’m a true believer in taking our health into our own hands and that came with some study and detective work.


You do need to do what your physician tells you – but if it’s ‘here take this anti-depressant’ or ‘just go on HRT’ without giving you options or discussion WHY they are saying this to you, then make sure you either get a second opinion or do some self study.   I want to help steer you to some great authors.