Managing the Menopausal Mindfield – yes ‘mindfield’ as well as the ‘minefield’

Actually, I should readjust that title and call it ‘Managing the MANY Menopausal Mindfields’.

Which one applies to you?   And I do mean ‘mind’ field and not the traditional ‘mine’ field.   A lot of menopausal and midlife intensity levels have a lot to do with what our mind tells us and how it can get a grip of us.   Are you dealing with many varied symptoms or have you sailed through it all and come out injury free?   This is a quick blog post that I hope can steer you to some serious info that you’ll find helpful.   I’m a true believer in taking our health into our own hands and that came with some study and detective work.


You do need to do what your physician tells you – but if it’s ‘here take this anti-depressant’ or ‘just go on HRT’ without giving you options or discussion WHY they are saying this to you, then make sure you either get a second opinion or do some self study.   I want to help steer you to some great authors.