Should I detox?

If you want a happy bowel, beautiful skin, want to lose a little weight and excess fluid – do it!


There’s so much out there about detoxing the body.  How necessary is it and what do we choose?

There’s lemon detoxes, herbal and chemical detoxes available from the local chemist or your naturopath. I’m sure all of them have their individual benefits, but I’ve just experienced one that is famous for cleansing the liver and ridding the body of excess petrochemicals, toxins and particularly mercury. Today, now that it’s all over – and it was only a 7 day process – I feel great and my skin looks fantastic. So this blog entry will be to tell you about my experience.

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To HRT or not to HRT – the conversation we have to have.

We want to know about it but don’t want to talk about it.

So I’ve been seriously talking about it!

And let’s get it straight before we begin – it really is just that.   A conversation.   I’m not a doctor or a self appointed doctor like you see on the net sprouting what I feel is BS advice like ‘eat lots of greens and you’ll get over it’!   I keep it real.    So if you’d like simply some honest opinions and some sharing of experience read on.

How I accidently found the simplest solution to anxiety!

With the conversations I have with midlife women and the workshops we do, there are a few key concerns that always come up.

gut issues,
menopausal symptoms,
lack of sleep,
night sweats,
midlife liver roll
 the foods that exacerbate symptoms and what foods make us feel better.

Today’s post will concentrate on depression and anxiety and what I personally found to be an amazing mood lifter.