Want to calm and center? Then look to your feet!

The power of meditation and breath is undeniable.   It’s been around for years.   There’s a meditation class in every suburb and the power of long slow deep breathing has been proven over and over.    But there’s another aspect to calm and centre the body and ground us back down to the earth.

And it’s simply called ‘Earthing’.

Have you ever wondered why something as simple as a walk along the beach feels so good?   It’s more than just the sand, the water and ocean air.   There’s an undeniable electrical charge.


beach walking2

A great friend of mine gave me the book titled ‘Earthing‘ a few years ago and I’d never heard of the concept before.    But now all those relaxing walks on the beach make so much sense.   The reason it’s come up for this blog post was after a conversation I had with a girlfriend over lunch today.   She’s facing some serious work stress, health stress and life changes are huge for her at the moment.   I know she’s barely holding herself together but she’s looking forward to a week at the beach soon.

Unless you want a diamond grill like Kanye – keep your medical cover!

Stress can lead to teeth clenching.

Teeth clenching leads to broken and worn down teeth.

Broken and worn down teeth lead to expensive dentist visits.


teetch clench
So it doesn’t matter how healthy you think you are.
Stress can get a hold of us when we least expect it.   For me – it’s while I sleep!

This is a short post today as I needed to get the message out there about the tricky ways stress can affect us.   We know, because we hear it all over the internet, that stress creates things like weightgain, poor sleep, mysterious illness and heart disease.    The list is really very long.