Ageless Beings know what matters – even the Sunday liftout is talking about it!

Old is the New Black!!!   So I must be ‘on trend’!

Over 50?   In that case, consider yourself part of one of the biggest demographics on the planet today.    The older woman holds more power and influence than she ever did in years past.

Being ignored by employers?  Partners?  Other decision makers?   Or do you feel ignored by life itself while you find yourself looking after everyone else but yourself.

‘Midlife Turning Points – a wet fish to the face’.

You could say I’m pretty obsessed with the midlife woman and all she goes through.

That might be because I am one, and have dealt with a plethora of symptoms, changes, turning points and realisations.   Let me start by saying I’m not a doctor, nor am I the expert but I am certainly an eternal student.

Forever learning!

My subject is – how to achieve a healthy, purposeful, active, luscious and hot looking midlife.  

One where you don’t rely on drugs or artificial substances, where you can eat without denying yourself and feel amazing and actually create the body you felt you left behind in your 30s.