How I eliminated my biggest 2 midlife issues – Flushes and Fatigue

Hot flushes and fatigue  –   Could these be the two biggest?

I know there’s more – but for now, let’s just look at the ‘top 2’.   Any more, and I’ll be writing a book!   Stay tuned for my next post and I’ll be addressing Anxiety and Weightgain. 

Let’s start on a positive note as this blog is meant to be that – rejoicingly positive because the menopausal stage needs to be one of adventure, rebirthing, new life and a time to face the 2nd half of life with positive anticipation and put behind us all that’s happened in the first half.   I don’t mean to sound like a Pollyanna, so for those of you who are sticking your fingers down your throat right now, just hold on a minute.   I know, I know it’s not necessarily how we feel when we’re unable to sleep at 3am, can’t stand the furnace that’s going off inside us at the most inappropriate times and the general fatigue that accompanies it but really it’s a time of unrivalled empowerment. It really is.  Or it CAN be – hang with me here.