Whoever said Anxiety and Weightgain is normal in midlife needs to read this.

It’s the most common thing to happen at midlife, but it shouldn’t be!

Someone said to me a while back ‘weightgain is normal at midlife.   Everyone gains weight’.  And I believed her.   So what happened?   I gained weight.   Lots of weight.   To the point where every photograph I saw of myself made me cringe.  Remember – what we believe will manifest.   What we ‘expect’ turns up.  I expected it, so it turned up!   I avoided being in front of a camera whenever I could get away with it.     My burgeoning ‘apple shape’ was not attractive at all and it was a sure sign of insulin resistance.

I used to be a Personal Stylist and taught women all about body shapes.   I remember talking about pear shapes, columns, diamond, hourglass etc.   Then when it came to the apple shape, I’d show my audience how I was the apple (big bust, big middle, thinner arms and legs) and explain ‘how to dress it’.  We apple shapes would be a little restricted sometimes with our choice of shapes that would flatter.   I’d also mention the apple shape is not necessarily healthy.   Seriously – the apple shape is SO not healthy.   That expansion under the bra right over the liver is dangerous.  Cute name for a body shape – but not where I wanted to be.   Pears and hourglasses, while in proportion are far more healthier and normal than apples.