CoQ10 – The forgotten little Anti Ageing Secret

If there were one nutrient, that in my experience is the true elixir of youthful skin, a nimble body and energy levels that we recall from our 30’s – it’s this one!

In my study with Food and Nutrition Coaching and my years of working with women and understanding the midlife needs, I’ve read the works of some wonderful doctors, authors, papers and books about cellular health.   There’s a common thread amongst all of them.

There’s one favourite little vitamin that all of these texts elude to as being the anti ageing, energy giving youthful vitamin that needs to be in everyone’s cabinet – especially if you’re over 30.   It’s a powerhouse of energy that is known as the mitochondria’s ‘spark plug’. 

It improves everything from heart, liver, kidney and pancreatic health to boosting the look of the skin.    And thankfully I’ve been taking it for 10 years.