MAGNESIUM – Nature’s perfect chill pill!

The one mineral we absolutely need but typically most of us are deficient.

You can read health blogs, talk to nutritionists and soak up medical info, but I’ve found over the years that many experts will call Magnesium the most significant healing mineral we have.    Because it works like stabilizer for the cells, it seems to completely relax the body as well.    Whether you find magnesium in your food, take it as a supplement or soak in it in magnesium salts in your bath, the body needs it.    It’s the perfect soother and relaxer after any kind of tension, be it muscular with overexercising or be it emotional stress related pain.   But beware, stress, as dangerous as it is, will deplete the body of lots of minerals including magnesium.   So grab those salts and soak as often as you can.