5 reasons why YOGA is perfect for the 50+ body

I was over 50 before I walked into my first yoga studio.

I had weight issues, sore knees, stiff joints, hot flushes and a busy mind that had trouble keeping still.

I also sensed that aerobics, pump class and pounding it out hard at a gym circuit didn’t seem to address any issues other than giving me a little more muscle tone.   Don’t get me wrong, muscle tone is great especially when you feel you never had any.   But it still didn’t address my adrenal fatigue, weightgain, sore knees and other menopausal issues.   I employed a Personal Trainer who worked me hard.    She noticed my body shape wasn’t changing.    I was still stressed, seemed to be worsening my knee pain and the busy mind revved up with the elliptical machine speed.

Then Yoga came into my life at the suggestion of a friend.    What could it hurt?