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I’m Anne Noonan – Fully certified Food and Nutrition Coach and Diabetes Food Advisor with the Food Coach Institute of Australia. I’m also a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher with the Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute of Australia (YIMI) now with over 500 hours of yoga teaching and mentoring.

My mission is to empower and motivate the midlife and beyond woman to believe she CAN be everything she dreams of being physically, mentally, holistically and with the right attitude to boot.

Click on the link below to listen to a podcast that might give you an overall picture. It was an interview I did with Mel Kettle, owner of the Just as Juicy blog and web page as well as ‘The Cook’s Notebook, Recipes for Life’. We had a fun conversation, covered lots of tips and thought you might enjoy it if you have a few minutes to spare.

Here’s the link:


As a Yoga and Integrative Wellness Coach I can tell you I’ve gone through the menopausal mill of misery and come out the other end. Not everyone is the same and no two cases of menopausal midlife symptoms are the same. So therefore no two nutritional health programs are going to be the same.

A little story about me and what brings me here:
I worked for about 10 years as a Personal Stylist showing women how to recognise their body shape, personal colouring and how to flatter their shape. It was a fun job, I got to work with fashion, met some amazing people and loved seeing women’s self esteem rise when they saw their perfect makeup, new hair, new look etc. Many of the women who came to see me however were facing some kind of health issue. Whether it was menopausal symptoms, weight getting out of control, lots of weight lost and not sure how to find their new look, cancer thrivers, women facing depression or who had escaped abusive relationships – it didn’t matter. I knew I was working with so many women who’s health and emotional problems were way deeper than just learning how to wear colour and styles that suited them. I felt like I was offering a band aid to deep wounds. I then started to notice my own health, vitality, menopausal symptoms etc were going south. I knew I needed to do something because a band aid wasn’t going to do it for me. I needed to take my health into my own hands, be a little rebellious against the doctors who suggested an antidepressant and find my own way. When we know our energy has improved, our vitality is back, our weight is right and we feel good with ourselves from the inside, any colour and style is going to feel good on us.

Anne's nasty before shot

You CAN get on top of the symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, foggy brain, dry skin and midlife liver roll.

I did it.

My blog will be an accumulation of everything I’ve learned. And believe me, I’ve had about 10 years of serious study and detective work. I have my favourite doctors, scientists, naturopaths and holistic practitioners who’ve mentored, coached and motivated me over the years. This blog is a culmination and my interpretation of lots and lots of science. Put together in fun holistically educational way.

But allow me to make one thing clear – you’re not hearing from a doctor.

You’re hearing from a woman who’s gone through it and had to take on my own level of study to give me the credibility to write this material. I’ve studied this subject in depth. I’ve read countless books, heard the CDs, gone to the lectures and seminars, immersed in the teachings for days at a time with the experts, talked to hundreds of women dealing with menopause to find out their story. What I’m presenting to you is my interpretation of this material and my personal experience with the hope that it can help you.

So now, at the time this below shot was taken I’m 56. The weight is off, the bones are denser, the skin has improved, the hot flushes all but gone, the fatty liver detoxified, the mindset improved, the fogginess cleared, the anxiety gone and the attitude to life greatly improved.


We’d love a magic bullet, but alas no such thing exists.
So how did I do it? Call me for an obligation free chat and I’ll reveal all.

Would you like to send me a question? Do you have any concerns that bother you? If so, simply send me an inquiry on the form below and I’ll get right back to you.


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