Want your body to improve with age? Then do this every day!!

But do it incorrectly and you could do yourself damage.

Older women can rock a great body that gets better with every decade!

Check out the video I created on the step by step method to get yourself into a safe high plank.   It’s repeated on the bottom of this post.  It’s only a couple of minutes, so try watching it first – then have a go doing it with me.

But be careful – if you’ve never done this before, only do what your body is willing and able to do right now until you’ve slowly built up your strength and endurance.    When you do this, keep breathing, don’t hold your breath.   Hold it for a few seconds, then come back down.   Breath, try again.   When your confidence has improved, try to hold it for longer.   And watch your body transform!!!

As we age the number one thing that most women complain of is their loss of core strength and an expanding waistline.  That was me!!! 

I’ve discovered ONE exercise that I hated at first.   I just couldn’t do it.   NOW – I love it and I’ve seen the results.

As young women we may have felt that we were unstoppable.

young womenWhat we’ll look like or feel like in our second half of life isn’t even on our radar when we’re young!!