Managing the Menopausal Mindfield – yes ‘mindfield’ as well as the ‘minefield’

Actually, I should readjust that title and call it ‘Managing the MANY Menopausal Mindfields’.

Which one applies to you?   And I do mean ‘mind’ field and not the traditional ‘mine’ field.   A lot of menopausal and midlife intensity levels have a lot to do with what our mind tells us and how it can get a grip of us.   Are you dealing with many varied symptoms or have you sailed through it all and come out injury free?   This is a quick blog post that I hope can steer you to some serious info that you’ll find helpful.   I’m a true believer in taking our health into our own hands and that came with some study and detective work.


You do need to do what your physician tells you – but if it’s ‘here take this anti-depressant’ or ‘just go on HRT’ without giving you options or discussion WHY they are saying this to you, then make sure you either get a second opinion or do some self study.   I want to help steer you to some great authors.

How to get the skin we want to keep forever

It’s not rocket science to figure out that women are concerned with how their skin looks with every year that passes.  

There’s literally billions of posts and advertisements out there that appeal to the woman who’s not happy with her skin.    Our skin is both an internal and external organ and I’ve soon learned it ages in two ways.    What dermatologists and experts out there like to call ‘intrinsic and extrinsic’  ageing. Intrinsic ageing is all about what we’re doing to ourselves on the inside.    How we eat, whether you smoke, drink too much alcohol or caffeine and if sugar plays too big a role in our diet.  It all contributes to ageing skin.    Extrinsic ageing is our environment and how we treat our skin.   It’s what we have control over like the food we eat, the product we use, whether we expose ourselves to too much sun and outer elements.   So what you slap on the outside is only half the picture.  What goes on on the inside and the other things we do for our skin and our general health completes the picture.   Whatever product we choose needs to be as chemical free as possible and as loaded with nutrients as possible. ab fab agedI love this shot of my favourite AbFab girls – and it does get the message across.   Keep up those ciggies and the alcohol, especially the sugary type and they’re ‘ subtlety’  giving us the ‘ here’s how we’ll look’ message. I agree with the quotes below.

I’ve been on a search for the perfect skincare for years. 


Ageless Beings know what matters – even the Sunday liftout is talking about it!

Old is the New Black!!!   So I must be ‘on trend’!

Over 50?   In that case, consider yourself part of one of the biggest demographics on the planet today.    The older woman holds more power and influence than she ever did in years past.

Being ignored by employers?  Partners?  Other decision makers?   Or do you feel ignored by life itself while you find yourself looking after everyone else but yourself.

‘Midlife Turning Points – a wet fish to the face’.

You could say I’m pretty obsessed with the midlife woman and all she goes through.

That might be because I am one, and have dealt with a plethora of symptoms, changes, turning points and realisations.   Let me start by saying I’m not a doctor, nor am I the expert but I am certainly an eternal student.

Forever learning!

My subject is – how to achieve a healthy, purposeful, active, luscious and hot looking midlife.  

One where you don’t rely on drugs or artificial substances, where you can eat without denying yourself and feel amazing and actually create the body you felt you left behind in your 30s.