Chair Yoga and Stretch Therapy Gentle Movement Classes What is Stretch Therapy or Chair Yoga?

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If you find regular yoga a little daunting, getting up and down off the floor not so easy, but want to get the benefits of a deep expansive movement that frees up your joints and muscles, then this is the class for you.

Gentle yoga movements from the chair and easy stretches from the floor are gentle and allow the body to open up and experience that lovely loose feeling of freedom.These classes will allow you to walk out feeling like you’ve had a massage from the inside out.

Who are these classes for?

Over 50’s
Over 60’s
Joint aches and pains
Weight restrictions
Movement restrictions
Arthritic joints
Not ready for full on yoga but need to move?

When are they on?
Tuesday evenings!!

Here’s what one happy stretch therapy attendee has to say.

at 5.30pm to 6.30pm every Tuesday evening commencing from Tuesday the 10th January. These classes happen at The Lavalla Centre, 58 Fernberg Road, Paddington. (It’s the old Marist College)

Simply walk down the driveway into the second building and you’ll see us there in the end room.
How much are the class on Tuesday evenings?
Only $15 for this class payable at the door.
Call me on 0417761998 to inquire or email me on if you’d like to know a little more. Bookings welcome, but happy if you simply pay at the door.

Here’s what another couple of clients say about our gentle stretch class.

Rhonda is over 60. She’s been a regular attendee of our classes and has noticed a dramatic improvement in her flexibility.

“I am attempting to avoid painful knee replacement surgery and turned to Annie Noonan for private yoga sessions in order to do this as traditional medicine offers little relief other than surgery. In the three months that I have been participating in her private sessions, I have experienced much greater strength in my knees and marked reduction in osteo-arthritic pain in the knee joints. Annie is extremely knowledgeable in designing exercise routines that I can manage but which continually improve my strength and flexibility. She is always sympathetic and flexible in the management of her classes and I trust her implicitly. My quality of life would be impaired were it not for these private classes” Christina T from Toowong.

“I arrived to Anne’s Stretch Class on Tuesday night with back and knee pain – the next day my back and knees felt amazing. No hurts anywhere. Thanks Anne, I really appreciate it.” Valerie K.

Thought I’d pop in my whole schedule in case you were curious about other classes. If you are, head to their respective pages.