Roll Back Your Body’s Odometer Girls and love those later years!

Anne Noonan, Food and Nutrition Coach, Diabetes Food Advisor and Yoga and Meditation Instructor is the founder and creator of Brisbane’s only ‘Roll Back Your Body’s Odometer’ 8 week course specifically designed for the over 50 age group.   It’s currently in it’s 5th Season and becomes more popular each time, so it’s certainly proving that it’s possible.

Where do you feel you’re at on your Odometer of Life?


Are you feeling like your tank is empty?
Do you like what you see in the mirror?
How’s your self esteem?
Do you sleep well?
Are you moving?
Feeling like blah or ‘it’s to be expected at this age isn’t it?’.
Believe me, I’ve gone through the whole empty tank to feeling amazing, but it’s not an overnight fix.


But NOW it’s time that the Odometer Rollback went ONLINE!!!

Not everyone is here in the Brisbane region, but I know the ageing population want to know the ways toward Healthy Ageing.    And that’s what THIS course is all about.

Are you a fabulous woman over 40, or 50 or 60, or more?

It’s time to feel that fabulosity!

“Your body reflects your health. It’s about the food you eat, how flexible and strong you are.  
It’s about your personal psychology, your looks and your intelligence.  
And – it’s about the way you live’ says Bob Cooley.
His book: “The Genius of Flexibility”, is one my favourites.

Hello, I’m Anne Noonan.

And at 59, I’m a passionate yoga teacher, health and nutrition coach who searched for a better way after a lifetime in the stress of the corporate world.

And some serious health scares.

The pic on the left is me, taken about age 47.   It was around hysterectomy time.   Blood sugar was through the roof, hot flushes were constant and my body was inflamed.   The one on the right is 10 years later.

The above photos have been taken 10 years apart.    I thought I was OK all those years ago.    But weird painful symptoms simply wouldn’t go away.    So here’s another photo I’d like to share that’s a little more recent.    We usually don’t like passport or license photos – I’m sure we can agree.     But this is something even I found exciting.    Have a look at my license photo.    Only 5 years ago, to only about a month ago.    On the left I look tired, there’s a weird droop on my right side and now that I look at it, I can tell I’m on my journey to health, but still not quite there.    The photo on the right, even I think it looks like I’ve had work done.    Trust me I haven’t.    Not that I’m against it, but honestly the photo on the right looks like my chin and general face is thinner or lifted.    This has happened because I’ve found the way to roll back my body’s odometer.     I changed how I was eating, moving, thinking, believing and manifesting my future ageing process.

Check it out for yourself.

It’s time to ditch the vague resolutions of “getting healthy and eating better…”.

Get into that activewear and join the gentle revolution of ageing backwards in to the future.

Come and Rollback Your Odometer with me and a group of wonderful women all from the comfort of your own computer.


So why did I create this Rollback Program?

I’ve known the feeling of illness, nutrient deficiency, toxicity, inflammation, weight gain, painful joints, hot flushes, night sweats, insulin resistance, fatigue and anxiety.

Now that I’ve discovered how to deal with it all, I have a sense of youthful strength, agility, flexibility and clear headedness that’s quite amazing. 

In fact, I’ve seen my own face change.

It’s very satisfying.

I have confidence now that I’m moving well away from ‘premature ageing’ and moving toward ‘true age’. I have time ahead of me now to enjoy and thrive, rather than face deterioration.

I see the results every day.

So many times over the years, when someone said to me: “you don’t look well…”, my automatic, unthinking response was: “but I eat well…”.

I thought this was as good as it gets.

But I asked myself: What am I doing to create the healthy body that will serve me in the next 10, 20, 50 years?

How do I even know what to do?

I thought of the next 10 years, considering everything I wanted to achieve.

Will my health and state of my body remain the same if I do nothing new?

Will it carry me through the next 10 or 20 years with ease?

Part of that desire for health and longevity is to look good.   I don’t mean having that ‘celebrity/magazine’ impossible level of looks but to look vibrant of face and body-especially in later years.

After seeking education in the health and nutrition field, and taking hold of my own health,

(and that’s taken a few years to turn around, I can tell you,) I now emphatically know it’s not just about eating well.

There are many ways to stay healthy and you’ll no doubt see book shelves bursting with information from exercise, to mindset, to diets and even cosmetic procedures.

Here’s my favourite 4 ways that I’ve found to Start Ageing Well!!!


Not just any movement.   Specific movement designed for the ageing body and becoming more popular is Yoga.   I was over 50 when I walked into my first yoga class. Overweight, with swollen knees and a stiff body, I thought I was crazy.   After much, perseverance, research, study and achieving my qualifications as a Yoga teacher and continuing my study into Yoga for Healthy Ageing I’ve found with my own body that Yoga can be extremely healing.   My clients have found that if they start gradually and move over time into stronger more active poses it can help everything from Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Anxiety and Menopausal symptoms.

How we eat.

It’s simple in theory. Cut out the crap. Forget dieting and discover the foods that suit your body loves while decreasing inflammation. But with a little guidance, you can create new food habits that satisfy, nurture, and serve you well. Habits you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Our attitude toward ageing.

Our parents aged very differently and in a different world than we’re in today.   Menopause, midlife and beyond can be amazing years however if we have the belief that’s it’s all a downhill slide after 55, then it will be.   If you have total confidence that your ageing years can be the best years, then your life will be filled with wonderful experiences without the expected pain of ageing.


Laughter is incredibly healing so I make sure you get a few laughs in.


Here’s what Judy had to say about the program.

“I must confess when I joined the “Roll Back Your Odometer” group for its very first session, I thought I would be doing some yoga and getting tips on good food and nutrition. How wrong I was. The research and planning that went into each of the 8 week session is quite unbelievable considering that the cost for the 8 weeks is so minimal.

We are taught that we don’t have to grow old but can literally turn our body clocks around by having the right attitude, mindful eating and enjoying food that actually nourishes each cell of our bodies. All the yoga and exercises were so much fun and the friendships formed allowed us to feel comfortable enough to discuss sensitive topics in a caring and supportive environment. We have literally seen women who considered themselves invisible, come out of their shells and start sharing and enjoying their journey to Roll Back their Odometers. I love it.”   Judy S from Chermside.

.. and Sharon.

“When I started my first odometer program I had suffered a lifetime of no self esteem, zero confidence, high anxiety and feeling invisible.  I have now been to three ‘odometers’ and have learned so much, especially how important your gut health is for your physical and mental health.  My anxiety, self esteem and confidence have improved so much since attending.   It is so wonderful to feel part of a positive, loving community of like minded women.”   Sharon C from Indooroopilly.  


Our online program will cover movement, food, attitude, healthy ageing mindset and beliefs, stress release, cooking, recipes and discussion about ageing with talks from other experts.  

 You’ll get a weekly movement video, all aimed at the 50 + and 60+ body.  

You’ll receive motivation tips on healthy ageing, ways to beat the sugar addictions and how to deal with menopause, sleep issues and so much more.    

Want to join me?   It all happens on facebook and it’s happening right now.

Why facebook?  

I find it’s the best way to do something online while being in touch with the rest of the group and of course you’ll get me on a weekly basis with the wrap up for the week covering questions and other issues.    

For only $97 you’ll have full time access to our facebook group that includes ALL of the above.  

So PM me by sending an email to or call on 0417761998 and I’ll make sure to send an invoice first and then you’re free to start enjoying at launch date.