Specifically focussed toward the 50+ body!!

Whether you choose to join us live or online, this program is perfect for you if:


  • You’re over 50
  • Sick of feeling tired and want to feel energised
  • Lacking energy
  • Lost your core strength and need to find it again
  • Need to build upper body strength
  • Carrying a few too many kilos and want to release them
  • Have high blood sugar and need to lower it
  • Wanting to bust your sugar cravings altogether
  • Facing Insulin Resistance or Diabetes and need to turn it around
  • Looking for a form of exercise that doesn’t involve nearly dying at the gym
  • Have been told by your doctor to change your lifestyle but not sure what to do
  • Dealing with fatigue of any kind – adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue.
  • Coping with autoimmune issues and want to feel better
  • Have joint aches that loss of weight will improve
  • Needing to improve gut and liver health
  • Catching every cold and bug around and sick of it
  • Feeling your age and want to feel younger
  • Want to fit into a smaller dress size
  • Want more energy to travel and simply live
  • You’ve found Easter has been a time of weight gain (like me)


Why and How is this program tailored to the ageing body?

We women over the age of 45 or 50 are usually dealing with a little more inflammation in our body than with a few years ago.   When we’re holding inflammation, we need to be very mindful when we take on a weight loss program.    When I did this program a few years ago, my change to body and health was significant.

There are many ways to lose weight, but if your gut, liver, immune system, blood sugar levels and mindset are not considered and cared for while going through the program, weight can and will easily find it’s way back again when it’s over.

THIS program brings in advanced nutrition to care for the older woman.   Check out my own results.

Would you like to join us on Sunday evening the 4th of August at 6pm for our information Zoom Webinar.   This is where you’ll get to ask questions, see other’s results and have your concerns answered.

Click on this link to register!!!

When does this Program kick off???

Round 2 of our 5 Week Transformation Program will kick off right at the beginning of August.    

On Sunday evening the  4th August at 6pm, we’ll kick off with a webinar that will explain everything and answer more questions.   Here’s the link to register.

Have a look at the bottom of this page and you’ll see a recording of the last Zoom Webinar we did with our participants from Round 1.    That will give you an overview.

So if you’re keen, we’ll utilize August to get our Spring Summer Body rocking.   Simply email me or pop your details in the opt in box above and we’ll send you the link to have a listen.

Are you in??

Here’s what Lucinda said about the last 5 Week Round that happened earlier this year!

“I loved the support and have an appreciation now of exercise and health.   I know I’m on the right path.  

I lost 4 kgs so far and 4cms from my waist. 

My clarity of thinking has improved and I love having the online access with immediate feedback.”


What does this ‘advanced nutrition’ include?

In your transformation pack you’ll receive proven, balanced and formulated nutritional supplements that will support your whole system while you experience a change to your eating patterns, lowering your blood sugar and introducing our unique yoga and exercise plan.

It’s a condition of this program that everyone is on the same pack of advanced nutrition.

Here’s what Sharyn had to say about the last earlier program.

“I love the nutritionals.    The supplements help with the food I’m eating and how they make me feel.   I feel so much better.  

My health has improved.   I’ve learned about food prep and what my week should look like.”

Besides supplements how else will you help me?

You’ll also receive a month’s worth of our meal replacement shakes, probiotic and prebiotic to care for the gut.     You’ll receive enough for 2 meals a day.

Here’s what Rhonda had to say:

“I was searching for the right program.  I want something to help me be fit, healthy and happy.  I gained an understanding of a yoga based fitness program.

I learned how to make good food choices even while travelling.   I love the support and I love my new food choices and particularly that it’s not a faceless online program.

There’s connection and real people and help when I need it.”

What makes it so unique?

This range of nutritionals come from Usana Health Sciences, THE most advanced, clinically proven, medically sound and tested nutritional program in the world.     This program has changed lives.       Check out my photo below.

And what about the other meals?

As a qualified health coach you’ll be receiving a meal plan, recipes, tips and ideas of low GI, filling, healthy meals and snacks that you can incorporate into the 5 week plan.

I find it hard to stick to meal plans.  How will you help me?

You’ll be part of the ‘Roll Back Your Odometer – Transformation Program’ facebook group.     We’ll have a regular webinar ‘wrap up’ on a Sunday night to set you up for the coming week.   We’ll also meet online in the middle of the week on Wednesday for check ins, ideas, coaching, encouragement and that lift and celebration when you notice goals are met and changes implemented.

Here’s what Trish said:

“I’ve lost about 8 kgs so far and a whole dress size and a half down.   I had a good structure and a roadmap to follow.  

Loved connecting to the experts and the community.   I’ve learned about exercise and the benefits of yoga for an older woman.  

Love being able to stay focussed.”

Why shakes?   Why can’t we just use normal food or make smoothies?

Great question and here’s why I know shakes are the answer. 

These particular shakes not only taste great, but you know exactly what calories you’re consuming.   You know what superior level of macro and micro nutrition is included. When you’re making your own smoothies or creating your own diet, you’ll often have no idea of how much sugar, calories or nutrition you’re actually consuming.   They’re certified low GI, balanced with the right level of protein, fibre and nutrients.  In fact most of the girls from Round 1 have found them to be incredibly beneficial and really love them.

They’re incredibly convenient, so perfect for those of us on the go.   They’re superior quality to just about anything else out there, filling, nutritious and there are 3 flavours to choose from.

When you’re trying to do your own thing, it can get a little harder to monitor, keep up the quality, prepare, shop and stay on track.

Shakes have been proven to be fabulously economical and they really work.

However, you won’t be consuming only shakes.   That would be totally boring wouldn’t it!   That’s why we’re also offering meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and fabulous food ideas.

 Still keen to know more?    Want to join us for our Zoom webinar that explains it all?   

Register by clicking here!!     Sunday evening 4th August, 6pm.

What kind of exercise?

There is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of being able to get up and move.   When taking on a weightloss program, it helps when there’s enjoyable movement involved.   Why?   To help with digestion, to lift the mood, to get those happy hormones flowing and to feel invigorated.

For those of you who join us live, there’ll be a regular 8am Saturday morning meetups on most Saturdays, for a yoga based movement proven to help you burn calories. It’s fun, you’ll laugh and get to know like minded women who are doing the very same plan.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before.  And don’t worry if you can’t make it along or find online is better for you.   As a 60 year old yoga teacher, I know without a doubt that this form of movement is perfect for the ageing female body.     You’ll shape up, tone up, strengthen your core and start to look younger.

There’ll also be walking mornings on offer.    You’ll find out more detail as you hook into our Zoom webinar.

I can’t make it every Saturday – I’d prefer online!

Then you’re in luck.   No matter where you are and even if you do make it to the live classes, you will have access to the online version.   The same recipes, food tips and plans and the movement will be all loaded into the facebook group.   And everyone, whether you join live or online, will be taking the same product.

Can’t I just change up my diet and join anyway?

There are so many ways out there to lose weight and of course you can choose this plan or not.   But here’s why I believe this plan is worth trying and why everyone will be on the same product.   You can change up your diet – but when you do, how do you know you’re getting all the advanced levels of nutrition in the meals you create yourself?   How do you know you’re getting all the minerals, B group vitamins, essential fatty acids, omega 3s, trace elements , micro and macro nutrition over that 5 week period to really change up your eating habits and that are crucial to the 50+ body?

In this program, ALL of this advanced nutrition is included for a reason.

I teach a specific, no fail way to eat .    You’re not hungry, the weightloss is assured, and your health is dramatically boosted. 

There IS NO other program quite like this one out there.      


Surely 5 weeks isn’t enough?!

You’re right.   But it’s a great start.   Want to stay with us for longer?   I guarantee you’ll feel amazing at the end of 5 weeks, so we encourage you to stay on the facebook page and stick with us. At the end of the 5 weeks you have the option to hear about Stage 2 of the plan.

How much will this cost?

I know, you’d expect to pay over $600 for sure.   After all here’s what it will include:

  • 5 weeks worth of meal replacement shakes for 2 meals a day
  • 5 weeks worth of advanced nutritional supplementation to support the liver and immune system
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics for gut support
  • Meal plans
  • Weekly coaching
  • Recipes
  • Weekly exercise classes
  • Videod exercise classes
  • FB group membership

This level of support is worth hundreds.   For this plan, you’ll be purchasing the physical product only for $395

Everything else that’s worth so much more is included as BONUS.

What do I do now?

We held a ZOOM Webinar for the last group that filled everyone in and answered questions.      Would you like to listen to it now?

If so, CLICK HERE.    Grab a cuppa and sit back for the discussion.   It’s worth it.     

Otherwise, join us for THIS round of 5 week transformation by joining us on Sunday evening the 4th August at 6pm for our Zoom webinar.   

 You can register for THAT one right here!!!!     Just click

Round 2 will officially commence as a group in mid August, so make sure you’ve contacted me to let me know this is something you’d like to participate in.   Email me on annen@tpg.com.au.  

By the time we kick off, if you’re joining us we want everyone to have their product, join us for ‘prep week’ so that we can start on Monday the 12th August. 

If you’re unable to make the zoom call, make sure you opt in below to have a copy sent to you, or to let us know you’re ready to get started.

Any more questions?    Don’t hesitate to pop your name and email in the little box on the top right of this page and send me any question you have about the program.    I’m excited to have you on board.