Check out these few short videos of yoga and restorative moves along with delicious stretches that you can do at home.

How to get shapely arms without using weights.

Most trainers will tell you that the only way to shape up the arms is by using weights or body resistance.    Of course, in yoga, I’m a lover of planks, downward dogs and all things that shape the arms and shoulders.   But what if using weights or using your body weight isn’t easy for you.    I’m sure you’re going to love this video.    Try it out, and tell me if you feel your arms working by doing these simple and fun moves – all without weights.!!!


Do this short 10 minute workout every day and watch your body change.

This simple Sun Salutation workout will tone your whole body.    Give it a try!!!



Quick Morning and Evening Stretches

I’ve been asked a few times to do a video on a typical 5 minute morning stretch routine that anyone can do.

A stretch routine that lifts the energy, moves fascia and livens up the body first thing to begin the day is a great way to start.   This stretch can be done right there at the side of your bed before your morning coffee.    Then at the same time, after a long day of being tied to a desk or even standing all day, there’s a great 5 minute routine you can do to release out tightness and bring energy down.    Hope you enjoy this little video and thankyou so much to my client and good friend Vicki, for helping me out.  If you scroll down a little further on this page, you’ll see another morning and evening version of stretching.

The Mighty Psoas

Do you feel you have tight hips?    Do you sit for a lot of the day and feel a stiffness and soreness as you rise out a chair?    That will be your psoas muscle that sits deep within the buttock region.   It’s the only muscle that links our upper body to our lower body and it’s crucial to stretch it often.    Here’s a quick simple video that will help you stretch it out and all from a chair.    The second half of the video is a meditation that helps release tension from that area.    Hope you enjoy.

Restorative Movement.

What is it and how does it affect our body in times of stress?

You might like the blog post I wrote for the Women’s Network Australia all about Restorative Movement for the 50+ body.     You can check out that article by clicking here.    Restorative Movement combines stretch, breath and movement.   It can also be the practices you use to relax.    Sometimes the simple act of sitting cross legged on the floor is difficult and sometimes a deep back stretch is all you need, but with the assistance of some easy props, you’ll get a much deeper more delicious stretch.  In the meantime, I’ve created two videos you might find helpful.  One will show you how to use a yoga strap to allow sitting crosslegged so much more comfortable.   In fact with a correctly applied yoga strap it’s amazing how long you can sit comfortably.    The other is a deep chest and back stretch using a bolster cushion.    Enjoy!



Ever wanted to get that deep back stretch that also opens the heart?

Sometimes just a reach up doesn’t quite cut it.

Have you considered laying back on a bolster cushion to open up the front heart muscles.     This creates a deep release of tension and can feel amazing.    In this video Anne demonstrates how to achieve that release.

The Perfect Stretch for Walkers, Cyclists and Joggers.

Do you walk on a regular basis?    Do you stretch out appropriately?    

Here’s a little video that will show you 4 effective stretches that are designed specifically for walkers.    These will work on your glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Neck and Shoulder Release

Would you like to be able to release your neck and shoulders with a simple move that you can do right there at your desk?

In less than 2 minutes you can feel freer with less neck pain and your shoulders will feel loose and comfortable.

Morning Floor Stretch Out

Here’s a short stretch routine that can be used to either wake the body up in the morning first thing OR to stretch out tension at night. Hope you enjoy.

The Perfect Sports Stretch

This is a simple 10 minute stretch that you can do as soon as you slide out of bed in the morning or even before or after a workout or a sports game.

This routine is simple and can be done on the floor at home.   It’s a little different to the one I illustrate above, as this one is designed for the person who enjoys working out.


High Plank

Here’s one that explains how to move yourself safely into a High Plank.

Plank is great for arm definition and core activation.  Actually it’s mighty brilliant all round.    Hold for only as long as your wrists allow.    With time and practice, you’ll find you’ll be able to hold for much longer.


What to do with Aching Legs.

Restless legs syndrome!

RLS is something that is quite common amongst menopausal women.   I know it well.   It’s that achey annoying painful feeling in the legs that keeps you awake at night.   You know when you throw the legs out from under the covers, then back in again, then the pillow isn’t enough to ease them, it’s frustrating because you simply can’t get comfortable.    No doctor can pinpoint what the issue is.   These stretches might help.   Also I highly recommend a quality calcium/magnesium supplement.    I have the link to where you can get the brand I recommend below.

For my favourite high quality calcium magnesium, you can get it here.   Head up to ‘shop now’, click on ‘nutritionals’ and scroll on down until you see ‘MAGNECAL‘.

Keep an eye out for more and let me know how you go.