Drop kilos, define the waist, look younger, boost metabolism, lower blood sugar and say goodbye to bingo wings.

There’s a form of movement that seems to be all over the net right now.  

And it’s simply nirvana for the 40, 50 AND 60+ body.

There are articles on it everywhere and some of my favourite doctors are talking about it.
So I decided to do my own investigations. I’ve tried it, proven it and want to share it.
It’s Interval Training.  Or rather – Interval YOGA!!!
Read more about it here on my blog post if you’d like to learn a little more science.

When I first heard the term ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to know about it. Just the words ‘High Intensity’ is enough to send a midlife menopausal woman running. But, the way it works on a body that is showing all the midlife signs has been scientifically proven to be more than just beneficial. It’s the answer to longevity, health and simply feeling good in our second half or third third of life.

Conversations with many midlife and beyond women have proven to me that we all want to live vibrant, healthy, worthwhile, active lives. HIIT is one of the best forms of movement to make this possible.

However, there are many versions of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). There are many ways that can exhaust the body if performed a little too enthusiastically. (Think of the scenario of a buff 25 year old PT trying to ‘train’ a 55 year old woman!!) We won’t go there.   But bringing a higher intensity into the way we practice one of THE best forms of movement for women i.e. YOGA is the key.


Of course if YOGA isn’t quite your thing and you’re looking for a different range of movement, here’s a fabulous website that will give you the indepth info AND a selection of movement.
Just click here and enjoy.
One of the proven benefits of this form of higher vitality more fun style yoga is that it strengthens the brain.    It’s been proven to keep Alzheimers and Dementia away – there’s nothing more powerful for the brain and body than a form of movement that gets you a little puffed and feeling wonderful afterwards.    The turnover of the mitochondria and how fast the cells renew determines our ageing speed.    This form of movement helps mitochondrial health so it’s one of the best anti ageing movements I’ve found.

Interval training for a midlife, possibly Diabetic, liver affected, adrenally fatigued body that is showing signs of weightgain, osteoporosis and menopause needs to be gentle but effective.

This is why YOGA mixed with some fun fatburning is perfect!!!


There are endless in depth information about studies done with Type 2 Diabetics and how High Intensity Interval Training was proven to lower blood sugar levels.   Of course many traditional forms of HIIT needs to be approached with caution.  If your physician has warned you against it for joint pain issues or high blood pressure, then choose a different form of movement.     The great benefit with yoga is, no matter where you begin, there’s always a somewhere to start.   And you start as gently as your body requires.    Traditionally with YOGA we build up until the body is used to the poses and the transitions.   Once you feel you’re there, it’s THEN that we can introduce the higher intensity moves.

Want to read more about how it lowers blood sugar – here’s a comprehensive article that covers lots of studies.


If you’d like to join our classes scheduled for June, have a look at the table below. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL Email me on annen@tpg.com.au if you’d like to attend OR call on 0417761998 if you need more understanding. If you’d like to come you’ll be sent bank payment details. IF you feel you’ll only attend one or two, $20 payment on the day will be required.

Here’s what a couple of my Yoga HIIT students has to say:

             “I noticed my levels of energy and personal vitality had increased straight away.   I could get on with my day and do all the things on my list with energy that’s otherwise usually lacking.  I thoroughly enjoy these classes.  They differ from a normal yoga class in the sense that yoga classes relax but these energise and literally lift my vitality.  I even have clarity of mind with clearer thinking.   I struggle with energy sometimes and get a bit focussed on my track and stay there forgetting to get up and move and therefore limit my effectiveness.   I feel great straight after these classes.”   Gabrielle C.

“Omigosh I feel great.   I can’t believe that I actually feel this good straight after a tough class!!”    Tina T.

“For several years now I have enjoyed the physical and psychological benefits of regular and frequent yoga practice.
For me Vitality Yoga with Anne provides an added physical challenge within a familiar yoga framework.
The specifically adapted yoga ‘moves and activities’ of Vitality Yoga extend my physical experience while also allowing me to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the sessions. At the end of each session I feel both energised and relaxed and my body tells me I have had a strong/intense workout.”   Mary-Anne B.


Do I need to be experienced in YOGA to attend?

Yes, it would help for you to have a small degree of beginner knowledge of YOGA.

What do I wear?

Something stretchy and wear sportshoes please.

What do I bring?

Yoga mat and water.    Mid year is cool, so bring a jacket you can easily take off when you’re warm.

Why is it outdoors?

HIIT performed outdoors is perfect.    You have the fresh air, the energy of the trees and we have a whole football field to play in.

What if it rains?

If it rains we’ll substitute another class at a suitable time.